Staff Spotlight Series: Jamie Ross | Northwood Children's Services

Staff Spotlight Series: Jamie Ross


How long have you worked at Northwood? What’s your position?

I have worked at Northwood for 19 years as of June of 2023. I am currently the director of the Community Residential Services Program, the Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility, and the Crisis Stabilization Program.

What makes you want to come to work every day?

For the last 18 years I am motivated by the relationships I have established with the students, staff, and referring partners.  The change I get to see, being involved with students who come to us in crisis and leave in a better space is something that has driven me to offer them the best treatment and opportunities while they are with us. I have gained many friends from this time at Northwood and the family like environment makes it easy to come to work!

What’s the best part about your job?

It always the fun we get to have with the kids and staff! There is nothing better than knowing I can play basketball, throw a football, go fishing,  and or play outside with the students we serve!

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I love to spend time with my family. I have a wonderful wife and two great boys who enjoy to spend time on the lake; fishing and tubing. We love living in the Duluth/Superior area where we can bike ride, agate pick, and enjoy walks on the beach.

You’re in an elevator and you have to quickly explain to a stranger what Northwood is. What would you say?

It’s a treatment facility for children that provides support to help manage their mental health and behavioral issues through a strengths-based approach.

What two items would you take with you if you shipwrecked on a deserted island where all your food and water needs were taken care of?

My fishing pole and tackle box.

What type of superhero would you be if you could, and why?

I would be the “Time Traveler”. I have a lot of people from my past who are no longer around that I would go back and say thank you to.



Thank you, Jamie! You’re awesome and we’re so lucky to have you at Northwood!


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