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Crisis Stabilization Shelter

In collaboration with St. Louis County, the mission of the Crisis Stabilization Program is to provide short-term placement and crisis stabilization for youth that are experiencing a mental health crisis whose needs cannot be met in their home or a less restrictive setting and are referred by a St. Louis County Supervisor. The program will provide support, supervision, and assistance with transitions back to home, community, or other settings. The Shelter will be located at our Diagnostic and Assessment Center in Duluth, MN.  At the Diagnostic and Assessment Center, there can be up to 8 children/youth between the ages of 5 to 17 in the Center. Two of the eight beds are designated for emergency crisis stabilization for up to 30 days per youth.

Appropriate referrals for the crisis stabilization beds include the following:
• seriously emotionally disturbed children who are experiencing a mental health crisis and are unable to function in the home, community, and/or school settings and less intensive levels of service have not been effective in resolving their problems
• IQ of at least 70 or an undetermined IQ
• ambulatory
• do not have a primary current diagnosis of chemical dependency
• any cultural, ethnic, or religious background
• legal status may be CHIPs petitions, delinquency order, or voluntary placement

Children who have a medically fragile or intensive need will be assessed prior to intake to determine the program’s ability to provide the needed services within the program or within the community prior to admission.


• an assessment of the child’s immediate needs and factors that lead to the mental health crisis
• individualized treatment to address immediate needs and restore the child to a pre-crisis level of functioning
• 24-hour on-site staff and assistance
• supportive counseling
• skills training as identified in the child’s individual crisis stabilization plan
• referrals to other service providers in the community as needed and to support the child’s transition from residential crisis stabilization services
• development of a crisis response action plan
• assistance to access and store medication

To make a referral:

Jamie Ross
Director of Community Residential Services & PRTF

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