Northwood Outpatient Services wins Team of the Quarter! | Northwood Children's Services

Northwood Outpatient Services wins Team of the Quarter!

The Northwood Outpatient Services (NOS) team is being awarded the 2021 quarter 1 team of the quarter.  They have been working diligently since the pandemic hit to provide quality services to children and families in need. When the pandemic hit the NOS staff had to work closely with their supervisor, Amy Fullerton to provide a much different type of service.  The world was spinning at a very fast pace and we had to pivot to avoid any disruption of service.  Luckily the state of Minnesota was quick to respond to the crisis.  They created the option of providing therapeutic services via the internet, or tele-health.  Our NOS team jumped right onto the bandwagon and only missed one week of quality services as they all changed their manner of working.  We changed to all virtual quickly and efficiently.  This included training, gaining equipment and prepping our clients and their families.  The NOS staff have continued to pivot with the changes in regulations and did not change their ability to provide quality services.  In fact, their productivity has increased over the past year.  We are starting to see clients and families in person again.  But we will continue to offer the tele-health option from now on as needed due to the success we have experienced.

Congratulations NOS Team!

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