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Former Student Visited Northwood To Share His Story

“Northwood was the first place I ever heard that I was a good kid,” said Dave Anderson to the Wolverines team this past week. Dave was a student of Northwood in 1991 and Larry Pajari, the current COO, was his counselor. Dave wanted to come back to visit the place that changed his life for the better. He was met with a flood of emotion as he toured the campus with Larry, looking at pictures on the wall and reminiscing of when he won “Student of the Year” at the Student Awards Banquet.  He spoke words of encouragement to the boys that reminded him so much of himself when he was young. He explained that after he left, he went to a loving foster family as Northwood had directed, and he was able to to grow up to be who he is today. He attended school at the University of Minnesota Duluth, joined the military, and currently sells life insurance in Jacksonville, FL. The students and staff so enjoyed this visit, and are looking forward to seeing Dave back here again in the future.

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