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Diverse and Inclusive

At Northwood Children’s Services, we believe a diverse and inclusive organization is one where all employees and students — regardless of gender, race, gender identity, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation, education, disability, veteran status or other dimension of diversity — feel valued, safe, and respected.

Many of the families and children we serve have felt the devastating impact of racism. To process what happened last week with our students, in all their diversity, has been a monumental task. We do know this. It is our job to teach by example, and to do our absolute best to help every child cope with the trauma they have experienced in their lives, including, sadly, Mr. Floyd’s horrific death and all that it represents. We will continue to provide a safe place for students and staff to share their ideas, frustrations and concerns. Most of all, we will redouble our efforts to maintain our therapeutic community of caring. The challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic only have served to make us stronger. It is our commitment to tackle the challenge presented by racism and its impact on our kids in a manner which, hopefully, results in making them more aware, empathetic and whole human beings. Building brighter futures is a big job. Please know that we will be here doing the best we can and offering whatever support we are capable of to our students and families. Please reach out to us if you need help. Be well, and be kind.

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