Spiritual-Youth Ministers

Northwood’s Spirituality Program provides interested students with opportunities to learn and experience Biblical teachings and activities for their spiritual development. Students are invited to join their Youth Minister for Large Group Chapel on Monday nights as well as various small group Bible studies throughout the week. Interesting and fun innovated ways are used to teach and implement spiritual growth through this program. Special speakers from different cultural and spiritual backgrounds are invited to Chapel nights throughout the year; this gives students to opportunity to explore different Religious traditions and teachings. Special events such as Christian concerts and city wide youth gatherings are offered for the students to enjoy. This program also provides community service projects such as serving food at the local homeless outreach center as well as fundraising opportunities such as Operation Christmas Child. The students are also able to attend Sunday Church if interested. All Spiritual activities are voluntary.

We’re Caring for Children

Northwood Children’s Services provides professional care, education, and treatment for boys and girls with emotional, behavioral, and learning disabilities.

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