General music classes are a regular part of the curriculum at Merritt. Elementary students attend classes on a four day rotation. Every student at Merritt attends hourly music groups once a week to learn about many different instruments, musical styles, and cultures. Music group gives the students an opportunity to practice their skills in teamwork, patience, listening, and responsibility.

Choir, which is comprised of 15-20 students from Merritt IDT and West residential programs, meets twice a week for forty five minutes. Together the members of the Merritt Creek Choir learn about the vocal mechanism, singing harmony in multiple voice types, and good performance practices. The Hand Bell Choir meets on Mondays to learn all about how to play the beautiful brass instruments. Drum Circle also rehearses on Mondays, focusing on rhythm, togetherness, and dedication.

Individual lessons are offered on a weekly basis to select students in voice and piano. These lessons are often provided as an incentive or reward for hard work toward that students individual treatment goals. All music students work toward the various performance opportunities throughout the year.

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