President’s Report

President's Report
November 1, 2016

One of the keys to Northwood’s success is the professional partnerships and strategic alliances we establish and maintain with individuals and organizations on local, regional, statewide and national levels. Our goal is to enhance the quality and breadth of our services by partnering with organizations who share our basic beliefs and values.

Locally, we maintain formal relationships with a number of organizations. The Duluth Public Schools provide the educational programs in our two campus schools, and Northwood operates day treatment programs in three elementary schools and one middle school. The day treatment programs have been extremely successful in meeting the needs of some of the most challenging students in each of the schools and are highly regarded by parents, local mental health professionals, school building staff and administrative personnel. The students in our campus schools receive excellent, individualized educational experiences delivered in an intensive environment by highly trained and qualified staff.

The goal of our relationship with St. Louis County is to be the preferred provider of intensive mental health services for the region’s youth and their families. Our complete array of services allows us to deliver the right service at the right time, with a focus on continuous care. We coordinate that care closely with social workers from the county to deliver optimal results.

We are partners with Essentia for psychiatric consultation, general medical and pharmaceutical services; with the Human Development Center for psychiatric support and shared training events; and we are members, along with 30 other individuals and agencies, of the Northland Mental Health Collaborative. We have a great relationship with all of the local colleges and universities. Top administrators serve on the Northwood Board of Directors, and we supervise about 30 interns at any given time, at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

We wish to be seen as a leader in the state of Minnesota. Currently, the Northwood CEO serves as the President of the Minnesota Council of Child Caring Agencies, a consortium of mental health service providers from across the state that engages in public policy development, best practice advancement and legislative initiatives that benefit the clientele we serve.

Northwood is engaged on a national level, as well. We are members of the National Association of Children’s Behavioral Health and the Association of Residential Centers, two organizations that engage in legislative and public policy advocacy along with leadership development, clinical training and organizational advancement efforts. We are also voluntarily accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA), an organization with an international reach that sets the bar for best practice standards in human services delivery. Four current Northwood administrators serve as trained Peer Reviewers for COA, traveling around the country to survey organizations for compliance with the standards of care.

Providing quality mental health services in a continuum of care to over 300 children and youth each day, with eight separate and distinct service lines, is a complex task made possible only by the assistance of the partnerships and alliances described above. We are fortunate to have forged productive working relationships with these individuals and agencies over the years, and are most grateful for the support we receive in our pursuit to build brighter futures for the children and families we serve.

Richard Wolleat
President & CEO

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