Chester Creek Academy

The Chester Creek Academy was built in 1982 as an expansion to the Northwood Main Campus. The educational staff is provided by the Duluth School District. Chester Creek Academy as well as Merritt Creek Academy provides a comprehensive curriculum that is individualized for each student.

Merritt Creek Academy and Chester Creek Academy provide individualized, integrated, experiential and innovative educational programs for students. Both sites provide safe and encouraging environments where parents, teachers, staff, and studens unite in a celebration of learning and discovery. These innovative schools are 1st grade through 12th grade and work with boys and girls of diverse races, creeds, and capacities. Each student will learn the skills of literacy, computation, technology, and life skills through an integrated, meaningful curriculum.

Both schools operate with the following core principles and features:

Individualized Learning: Each student will have an individualized learning plan that will be frequently evaluated and modified to ensure optimal opportunities for success.

Developmentally Based: Comprehensive assessments will drive the individualized plans which will match teaching methods to students learning styles. Content of material will be geared toward developmental needs and the students will be grouped by their respective levels of developmental functioning.

Experiential Focus: A seamless learning environment will provide creative opportunities for experiential learning, e.g., summer camp becomes a week long field trip in environmental science and a poetry writers retreat.

Extended School Day with an option for a learning year program: Seven hours of instruction daily with a plan to offer a learning year program after the first year of operation.

Culture of Success: A safe, structured and supportive learning environment will keep the students in the classroom and engaged in learning. The focus will be on achievement and building students’ confidence by creating opportunities for success.

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